Coconut Deodorant (60ml)

Unisex formulation

Suitable for the whole family in a convenient travel-sized roll-on.

No aluminium. No parabens. Nothing artificial.

Natural coconut creates a pleasant scent. It allows the body to release toxins whilst keeping you dry, the best part is –IT ACTUALLY WORKS


Coconut oil, Aloe vera, Chamomile and Lavender

R192.00 Incl VAT


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Weekly detox with our Himalayan Salt Scrub to purify and deeply cleanse.

1 review for Coconut Deodorant (60ml)

  1. Michael Habrik-Ochse

    I was sceptical at first because I was expecting the coconut sunscreen scent, which I don’t like. But the deodorant smells fresh and light and is very pleasant to use. It also doesn’t leave streaks on my clothes, which I have unfortunately experienced with many other deodorants.

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